The owner, designer, and seamstress of

Stitchology is Kimberly Molloy.


Kimberly grew up watching her mother sew and at 6 years old got her first sewing kit! Since then she has been constantly at her machine, making purses, bags, clothing and quilts! Kimberly favors making up her own patterns rather than "following the instructions", which is what makes Stitchology's products so unique!


The inspiration

Kimberly & Abigail (at 6 months old)

The Products

Each item is handmade and created for the sole purpose of making life a little more organized, simple, and adorable! Kimberly wants use her products to encourage families to start eliminating waste by keeping plastic baggies and non-recyclable packaging out of their homes and out of  landfills.

our quality control guru

Abigail using her Snack Bag (20 months old)

The Inspiration

Kimberly was inspired to create the products for Stitchology when her very first niece, Abigail, was born in December of 2011. Starting with wet bags for cloth-diaper storage, she has progressed to kids' snack bags and Zero-Waste shopping and produce bags!


Kimberly is working toward eliminating all waste and plastics in her own home and has found that the best way to to that is to use her own bags and avoid bringing anything packaged into her house.