Graphic Design
Industrial Sewing
Production Sewing

Assistance in production sewing: building an inventory for a craft fair or market? I can assist in production cutting and sewing of patterns, thread snipping, packaging.

I offer production-style sewing services. I can help build inventory for your existing product line or help your company develop patterns and prototypes.


Build an inventory on a price-per-piece basis to help keep product costs low and stay on budget.


Sit down with an experienced seamstress to help generate ideas on new products or design and assembly.


I have worked with several lines of products as a subcontractor. See photos below for samples of my work.

Want to know if I have the equipment to get the job done? Click on my Equipment page to see i i have the right tools for the job!

About Stitchology:


Stitchology is a one-woman show! My name is Kimberly Molloy and I am a lifelong self-taught seamstress. I learned at a young age by watching my mother sew and through my own motivation and work experience I have developed many skills and abilities. I thrive in a creative atmosphere and love to work on my own schedule which is why (since 2013) running my own creative business has been the best choice for me. I work in a home studio so that I can keep my overhead low and pass that savings on to my customers and clients! I am honest and hard working and live up to my work.